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Join our home WiFi webinar!

Join our home WiFi webinar!

In two weeks we will be hosting a webinar with Analysys Mason, based on the findings of their recent white paper: Maximising the benefits of offering home Wi-Fi for fixed broadband operators.

Analysys Mason depicts how home WiFi control and management is strategic for fixed broadband operators, and it’s becoming increasingly important. The reason for this is that Home WiFi has a very high impact on customer satisfaction and churn. And related to this is supports costs: Unsatisfied customers will be more likely to call customer care. But beyond this, Home WiFi is important to create new revenue streams including value-added services and smart home opportunities.

But delivering high-quality home WiFi is becoming more challenging as network upgrades have created higher speed expectations among users and the Home WiFi network is becoming a bottleneck. This combined with the increasing number of devices and new sources of interference have made traditional operator’s approach to Home WiFi insufficient.

This is a big risk for operators. In fact, poor home WiFi experience is one of the top reasons for users to change fixed broadband provider. But on the other hand, this is also an opportunity for operators to differentiate since users with highest NPS are those with the perceived highest speeds.

To make matters worse, new players are entering the Home WiFi and Smart home segment, and operators must avoid becoming a mere commodity.

Analysys Mason provides key recommendations for operators including the need tools or systems that:

  • Provide visibility and management capabilities of their subscribers Home WiFi experience
  • Deliver value to the whole organization
  • Include some must-have components such as a central platform, an end-user app, extenders, and software for CPEs to reuse existing infrastructure

Want to know more and get valuable KPIs on the home WiFi ecosystem? Join our webinar on Thursday 21st June! 

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