A new brand is born: Fontech

Today we are excited to launch Fontech, a leader in WiFi software for operators and enterprises!

Using Fon’s +10 years of experience in the WiFi industry as a basis, Fontech’s mission is to make WiFi management smart and simple. Fon revolutionized the industry by pioneering WiFi sharing, and Fontech’s aim is to be the global leader in providing WiFi technology to both operators and enterprises.

Alex Puregger, Fon’s CEO commented, “We are launching Fontech to accelerate the deployment of carrier-grade WiFi on a global scale by developing a cutting-edge portfolio of WiFi solutions. We will use our expertise to enable clients to build and manage their own WiFi networks and offer new value-added, WiFi-based services.”

The naming process

The Fon brand is a strong asset, and therefore we decided that it was important for the new entity to maintain a link to Fon. Using the reputation built over the years as a solid foundation for growth, it will help to boost the new brand. At the same time, the new name emphasizes our focus on technological solutions.

The new visual universe 

The new logo maintains Fon’s distinguishing isotype, but we’ve now added the strength of the color blue which symbolizes the technology and innovation that the company brings to the WiFi sector.  Fontech color palette

We have also incorporated the circle which graphically represents our technology – scalable, robust, flexible, cloud-based, and easy to configure. 

Fontech circle of connectivity

Fontech’s visual language is more refined, with the addition of more polished and defined characteristics thanks to a lighter typeface and a new pictogram system based in the morphology of the typeface which portrays a more technical image.

Fontech new pictogram system

The photographic style has also evolved towards cleaner images which are easier to understand.

Fontech photography style

The result is a strong visual identity with modern and professional touches that projects the brand into the future. Under Fontech, we expect our solutions and people to continue to be world-class, but the new brand will help strengthen our position as a leader in WiFi software as we expand into international markets.

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