Photo of Juan Carlos Domínguez Jímenez, Android Engineer at Fon

#lifeatfon: Juan Carlos Domínguez Jiménez, Android Engineer and Team Lead

#lifeatfon: Juan Carlos Domínguez Jiménez, Android Engineer and Team Lead

We’re continuing our #lifeatfon series with an interview with Juan Carlos Domínguez JiménezAndroid Engineer and Team Lead.

Describe your Fon journey!

I started working at Fon in 2014 as an Android Developer in a small Mobile Apps Team dedicated to the development of applications related to the automatic connection to WiFi networks and router configuration. From early on I realized that Fon was different to companies I had worked in before. It is focused on the quality of products as well as the importance of good development practices.

In 2016, the Development Team began to grow as the focus shifted on the platform that manages the connections of users to WiFi networks. The company wanted to explore new business models related to mobile apps. This change of focus opened up new opportunities for me. I was able to get involved with the definition of these new applications, the incorporation of new developers into the team, and in the launch and continuous improvement of these products.

The time I’ve spent at Fon has been so dynamic thanks to the company’s startup spirit, which means that as a developer I have the opportunity to work with lots of different technologies and to grow professionally.

What does a typical day look like for you?

During the last few years, the organizational structure of the Development Team has been based on small teams composed of different technical profiles, focused on the development of a specific product. This enables us to be agile and to have significant say in its definition.

From a technical perspective, we are focused on applying the best practices, technologies, and quality code. We place great importance on the automatization of tasks as well as continuous deployment. Part of our time is dedicated to technically improving products and improving our knowledge of the technologies we consider most important, that could bring benefits over time.

As Team Lead for one of the mobile app teams, I have to coordinate which new functionalities we need to develop with the Product Manager and the team, though I still dedicate the majority of my time to the development of Android applications.

Can you describe your team?

As I mentioned before, the teams are made up of different technical profiles and are focused on one specific product. In my team, there is a Product Manager who manages and defines tasks, Graphic Designers as well as a UX Expert who work in the definition of app user interfaces. On the development side, the team is made up of two Android Developers, two iOS Developers, a Backend Engineer, and a DevOps Engineer, who are all focused on the continuous deployment of applications.

The best thing about my job is…

I get to work with extremely talented colleagues which means that I am continuously learning new skills. There is a great collaborative atmosphere which makes it really enjoyable to be at work, something which is not common in all companies.

The best thing about Fon is…

The majority of our staff are engineers, and with over a decade of experience developing our own solutions in-house, the focus of the company continues to be on developing cutting-edge technology. As someone who has always wanted to focus their career on development, Fon is a great place to do so.

Why would you recommend Fon?

In addition to the technological calibre of my colleagues and the great atmosphere you find in the office, one of the main reasons I’d recommend Fon is that it’s a great place to grow professionally. The size of the company allows you to take advantage of lots of interesting opportunities, and as a company that maintains a strong start-up spirit, there is flexibility to shape your role to best fit you and how you would like to develop personally.

Thanks, Juan Carlos!

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