#lifeatfon: Mónica Fernández, Integration & Deployment Manager

This week we’ve been talking to Mónica Fernández about her #lifeatfon as an Integration & Deployment Manager.

Describe your Fon journey!

I have been working at Fon for nine years, and there have been lots of changes since then. When I joined the company Fon was a startup, and I was one of just five people in the technical team. We are now a more organized company with specific processes in place, but the startup spirit remains: Fon is very dynamic and challenging!

I started doing Network Engineering, and I now manage a team of seven people in charge of presales and the definition and deployment of solutions.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I have a broad range of responsibilities which include providing technical support for different engineering teams, attending client calls to explain Fon products and professional services to them, and then trying to find a solution that meets their requirements. I also participate in the elaboration of client proposals, as well as resource management, and assignment and prioritization of projects and tasks.

Can you describe your team?

It is the best team ever! It is made up of very smart, versatile people. Most of them are left-handed which supports my statement!

The best thing about my job is…

I am continuously working with leading Communication Service Providers around the world so I stay up to date with the different technologies they use. The best thing about my role is that it’s holistic: I still get to be involved with the technical side of projects, but I now also get to approach things from a strategic perspective. This mix allows me to see the whole business picture within an international environment.

The best thing about Fon is…

Fon is the perfect size to see that your work is valued and what you are doing has a real impact out there. I feel really lucky to be in a place where you’re surrounded by smart people you can learn from. They are always open to help you at Fon.

Why would you recommend Fon?

In my opinion, Fon is a perfect company to grow as a professional! You have access to different technologies, a variety of challenging roles, and you can learn lots of things every day.

Thanks, Mónica!

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