Maximize revenue potential with our latest solutions

The Wireless Broadband Alliance has just released its 2017/2018 Annual Industry Report. This report analyzes the main business opportunities, key discussions, and upcoming trends within the wireless ecosystem.

In terms of business models and monetization, the WBA states that:

“As well as traditional use cases such as consumer data access and Wi-Fi offload – which are still central to many providers- these areas were highlighted as one which would drive near-term revenue potential:

  • Improving the in-home experience and extending it from internet access and media, to a full smart home
  • Enterprise services, which are becoming richer and more efficient via options such as cloud-managed networks and security
  • Expansion of the Wi-Fi roaming model […]

In all cases, an enhanced user experience is vital to progress…”,

At Fontech, we share the WBA vision and continue to pursue our goal to provide innovative WiFi-based solutions suited for the needs of telcos and enterprises. That’s why we are proud to acknowledge that during 2017, we launched state-of-the art solutions that cover the specific business areas highlighted by the WBA:

Our Home WiFi Solution is key for operators to improve and control their subscribers’ Home WiFi experience. This solution is a powerful combination of next-gen software, a simple application for end users, and advanced WiFi extenders, to enable operators to optimize coverage and connectivity for users at home. The solution helps decrease expensive, WiFi-related technical support costs and creates happier internet subscribers.

Our Enterprise Control Solution provides enterprises with a new security solution to manage the access to their private wireless networks. This solution features our VMNAC (Virtual Management Network Access Controller), to manage security policies for users and devices. VMNAC integrates with user directory databases and device management platforms.

Our Connectivity Experience Solution provides an always-best-connected experience. This solution is based on an SDK, the Connection Manager (that seamlessly connects users to WiFi), and a QoE manager that assesses and selects the best available connectivity option (among multiple WiFi networks or cellular).

These new and innovative solutions have enriched Fontech’s traditional portfolio, which also comprises our Carrier WiFi Solution (enabling use cases such as Offload, Monetization, and WiFi On the Go) and our Guest WiFi Solution.

Regarding WiFi Roaming, Fon continues to be the pioneer in residential WiFi sharing. For over a decade we’ve built the world’s largest WiFi community of over 21 million hotspots. The Fon Hub enables access to this network in a simple and secure way and provides operators with the resources to easily monitor usage. It processes all the operations that occur between its users, providing settlement and reporting data with total transparency to offer detailed information about inbound and outbound WiFi traffic.

At Fon and Fontech we will continue to keep track of key industry trends, and we will develop innovative solutions for service providers, operators, and enterprises to seize these new business opportunities. Don’t miss the latest! Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn!