Can telcos really make money out of WiFi? Part 2

In our previous entry, we focused on how Telco operators can make money out of WiFi by opening up the service to non-subscribers. But what about their customer base?

The benefits of carrier WiFi connectivity among the customer base have always been associated with churn reduction (check out our WiFi On the Go datasheet)  and lowering costs through offloading (check out our WiFi Offload datasheet), but the advantages don’t end there. CSPs can actually make real money too if they:

1. Offer WiFi connectivity as an add-on to traditional pricing plans – Convergent and fixed operators can complement their traditional pricing plans by offering WiFi on the move for a specific, additional fee.

2. Offer WiFi connectivity only for high-value bundles: If you’re skeptical about users’ willingness to pay an additional fee for WiFi on the go, why not bundle it into higher-value plans to foster upsell? Here are a few examples:

Fon demonstrates Bundle A telco offerFon demonstrates Bundle B telco offer is better value





Is your market predominantly prepaid? Offer WiFi on the move only to users with prepaid credit, and increase your top-ups.

Discover how Oi did it.

3. Offer guest WiFi solutions to the business segment.

Businesses of all types want to offer WiFi on their premises: Hotel chains, restaurants, educational centers, transport hubs, etc.  These businesses aren’t IT-oriented, nor do they have the budget or expertise to deliver WiFi solutions. What they need are solutions that are flexible, easy to use, secure, and specific to their needs.

Offer tailored WiFi solutions to these businesses and gain new revenues. Check out how Vodafone Spain targeted SMBs with its WiFi for business solution.

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