Fon at MWC 2017: This edition’s highlights

This year’s edition of Mobile World Congress certainly did not disappoint! An action-packed 4 days for everyone involved, Fon had a busy agenda. Meeting with the most influential global communication service providers to talk about the future of WiFi, in our cool executive meeting room at the heart of the trade show.

Presenting Fon’s WiFi Service Management Solution

The launch of our new cutting-edge solution at the event got people talking! Here are a couple of interviews:

Telecoms chats with Alex Puregger, Fon CEO, about changing attitudes towards WiFi. And how our solution which offers operators the opportunity to gain greater insight, connectivity and service delivery potential.

Silicon interviews Enrique Farfán, Fon COO, discussing WiFi’s role in the context of 5G and the role of our solution within the changing telecommunications environment.

As members of the Wireless Broadband Alliance, we were delighted that they chose to share our news too!

Revolutionising the WiFi ecosystem

Alex Puregger took the stage at NEXTech Lab to share his insights on the future of WiFi. Here are a couple of key takeaways from his presentation:

– Currently, 80% of smartphone traffic is over WiFi. And the future is even brighter for WiFi: smart cities will become a reality, all transport will offer WiFi, as well as every venue or store offering Guest WiFi professionally

– The real WiFi revolution will be in home WiFi. Currently 50% of customer care complaints are related to WiFi, but simple new solutions will solve many of these problems

– Telcos will embrace the trends and start rolling out community WiFi, as well as getting involved in the WiFi connection experience. Community WiFi will grow 5x by 2021

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