Myth-busting “seamless” WiFi connectivity

Every day we’re surrounded by buzzwords, industry jargon, and catchy phrases. So much so, that we’ve become immune to their meaning and the desired impact is, quite frankly, lost. We want to set that straight.

Today our focus is the word “seamless”, a term which is often bandied about in the WiFi industry. But what does it actually mean?

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, seamless is an adjective used to describe something “happening without any sudden changes, interruption, or difficulty”. In the context of WiFi connectivity, you can see how this adjective is so appealing. With so many of us relying more and more on a consistent, fast and reliable internet connection wherever we are, WiFi access providers can’t afford to deliver anything less than an exceptional user experience.

So, what’s our problem with the word “seamless”?

We’ve noticed that this word has been used so liberally, that the reality of “seamless WiFi connectivity” is in fact falling short of expectation. Worst of all, WiFi access providers are getting away with delivering below expectation, at the risk of bringing our whole industry into disrepute. That’s why we want to reassure you that here at Fon, when we say the end user’s WiFi connectivity experience is seamless on both Android and iOS devices – yes, that’s right, iOS too – we’re telling the truth.

Don’t just take our word for it.

A valued partner network of ours, and one of Europe’s leading telcos, was so impressed with our unique technology that they got in touch to let us know: “Before witnessing the capabilities of your SDK first-hand, I didn’t believe that truly seamless WiFi connectivity was technically possible, especially on iOS devices. Once I tried out the demo, I was amazed at the quality of my connected experience – I didn’t even notice I was moving between WiFi networks.”

Still not convinced? Why not try our seamless WiFi connectivity for yourself, on both Android and iOS devices? Request a demo!

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