net+ chooses Fon’s technology to deliver carrier grade WiFi services

Fon is excited that net+, the multimedia provider in Switzerland, has chosen our world proven technology to deliver carrier grade WiFi services.

Tens of thousands of hotspots will be accessible across French speaking Switzerland with net+ Fon. With the ski season in full swing, this partnership comes just in time for Fon users who will be able to enjoy a seamless Wifi service on the Swiss slopes!

The good news is that net+ will bring WiFi access to their subscribers both in Switzerland and the rest of the world. net+ customers will be able to roam over 20 million WiFi hotspots across the world.

As the pioneers of residential WiFi sharing, Fon’s smart technology is built to adapt to our partners’ existing infrastructure. This solution supports network architecture based on GRE to the service and allows net+ customers to connect to the whole Fon network around the world! Furthermore, EAP solution will be activated so a second public SSID will be broadcasted and net+ users will connect seamlessly from their mobile phone without entering their credentials in captive portal.

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