United Group use Fon’s global footprint to increase WiFi coverage for subscribers

We’re happy to announce that, as a result of a recently-closed deal between Fon and the United Group, customers of the Balkan telco operator now have access to more than 68 million WiFi hotspots all over the world! The United Group operate under the name SBB in Serbia, and the name Telemach in Slovenia, Montenegro, and soon also Bosnia & Herzegovina.

The United Group’s expanded hotspot network can be accessed exclusively by eligible customers using their UNIFI app, which is available on both Android and iOS devices. Within the app, a detailed map allows users to search for hotspots in 120 countries worldwide, as well as filter hotspots by categories, such as hotels, airports, and restaurants. Other features include an offline mode and the ability to save favourite hotspots.

Although the United Group already have over 650,000 community WiFi hotspots in place across Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Montenegro, the operator is now able to provide their customers with even broader, global WiFi coverage. In fact, their partnership with Fon has opened up access to over 8 million residential community hotspots in many European countries including Greece, Italy, Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Switzerland, as well as in countries further afield including Australia, Japan, Brazil, and South Africa.

Many telcos are now offering WiFi as an additional feature for subscribers, either as a paid or gifted value-added service. The rapid growth of data consumption across all types of devices, both locally and abroad, continues to highlight the need for WiFi as a way to improve global network coverage and capacity. Not to mention, WiFi is a significant cost-saver for both telcos and consumers alike.

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