Fon Joins the AllSeen Alliance to Advance the ‘Internet of Everything’

Today we’re pleased to announce that we’ve joined the AllSeen Alliance, the largest cross-industry consortium to date to advance adoption and innovation in the “Internet of Everything” in homes and industry.

Along with more than 20 industry leaders and the open source community, our goal is to advance in the Internet of Everything and provide interoperability among devices, systems and service.

As you might know, the Internet of Everything is based on the idea that devices, objects and systems can be connected in simple, transparent ways to enable seamless sharing of information and coordinated and intelligent operations across all of them. Fon is now developing new devices to make this dream a reality.

As no single company can accomplish the level of interoperability required to support the Internet of Everything and address everyday, real-life scenarios, a united, pan-industry effort is needed to deliver new experiences to consumers and businesses.

Fon as a member of the AllSeen Alliance will contribute to create interoperable devices and services with open source frameworks allowing ad hoc systems to seamlessly discover, dynamically connect and interact with nearby products regardless of brand, transport layer, platform or operating system.

Stay tuned for exciting-and-connected news from Fon very soon.