Fon & JT partner to launch world’s largest WiFi network in Jersey

Fon is expanding to yet another new territory, the British Isle of Jersey! Fon is teaming up with the island’s leading telco operator, JT, to bring the world’s largest WiFi network to Jersey.

Tens of thousands of new hotspots will be accessible, covering almost the entire island with JT-Fon WiFi. So when Fon users travel to the island to visit the Corbiere Lighthouse or tour the Elizabeth Castle, they can stay connected to WiFi during their trip!

JT broadband customers will be able to get connected to WiFi while out and about. They will get access to over 20 million Fon hotspots worldwide, in all corners of the world, including Spain, Greece, Germany, Japan, Australia, Brazil, and more.

Jersey customers who frequently visit places a little closer to home, like the rest of the UK and France, will be happy to hear that we have tons of coverage in those areas as well, with millions of hotspots in France and over 500,000 in London alone.

As the inventors of community WiFi, the new partnership is deployed the Fon way. Thanks to Fon smart technology built into JT customers’ fibre routers, users who share a small portion of their home service will be able to use the shared services of others while moving around the island – effectively taking their home WiFi with them wherever they go!

This news comes at an exciting time for Fon. We just launched a brand new way to purchase WiFi access through Microsoft’s Windows 10 Store, and we also announced our expansion into premium networks, meaning we now aggregate WiFi hotspots in public spaces like shopping centres, airports, and restaurants.

At Fon we are constantly working on new ways to connect WiFi hotspots across the globe… and our new partnership with Jersey Telecom just brought us one step closer.

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