Fon Launches Gramofon in Korea

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the Gramofon in Korea! It is the first time our award winning WiFi music player will be available in Asia. By simply plugging the Gramofon into the stereo and connecting it to WiFi, Korean users can now enjoy a seamless home audio experience.

But that’s not all! With the inclusion of AllPlay, Gramofon is expanding its service coverage to include a bulk of different music industry leaders such as KT Music Genie, TuneIn, Rhapsody, Aupeo, DoubleTwist, Soma FM, Napster, as well as the already integrated Spotify. Soon, you’ll see some new names on that list because in just a short time, we will be adding even more music streaming services. And don’t worry – your Gramofon will automatically update itself so you can stay in the loop seamlessly!

AllPlay via Gramofon is about flexibility and collaboration for users. The platform operates at your convenience allowing friends to join and stream music from their own devices when they visit.  With this platform, you can listen to what you already know, using your current sound system and favorite music apps while sharing with your friends.

CEO of Korea’s Confitech, HwangBo ChangHwan, expressed his delight about the product’s launch and said, “Gramofon plays high quality songs and streaming music services via WiFi, blowing new life into old sound systems and speakers. This is innovation and I am sure that consumers will be enthusiastic about Gramofon.”

Here at Fon, we are definitely enthusiastic about the launch of Gramofon in Korea and will be keeping you updated on future plans for the music player- there are lots of cool things to come.

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