Fon COO Alex Puregger at Gigaom’s Structure Connect Conference

Connecting our homes and businesses to the internet will revolutionize the way we engage with technology. As WiFi experts, at Fon we’re excited and ready for this disruption of the industry and will be playing a key role in the near future.

Gigaom is currently hosting a series of conferences to talk about this new era. Last night Alex Puregger, Fon COO, was one of the main speakers at the Gigaom Structure Connect conference in San Francisco, where he talked about the latest from Fon.

Alex explained how the router will become the real “hub” in connected homes. Gramofon, a WiFi music player and our latest innovation, is one example of the type of devices that will start populating people’s houses. Gramofon is a hub that controls your music via WiFi. Connected to your speakers it plays your Spotify songs wirelessly by streaming them from the Spotify app.

But Fon is not just for the home. Moving into small and medium businesses, Alex also talked about WiFi for Business – our solution to improve internet connection at public establishments. He introduced some innovative products we are developing for the near future which focus on contextualized services including hyperlocal advertising, couponing services and mobile payments.

You can take a look at the interview by clicking here.