Fon and Telstra start the deployment of Fon’s WiFi network in Australia

Fon is expanding on the other side of the globe: our hotspots will start covering Australia very soon! We will make it easier, faster, and more affordable than ever for them to get connected on the move.

Starting on June 30th, Telstra home broadband customers will be able to activate Telstra Air, our joint service that enables them to use their home broadband allowance at thousands of hotspots across the country, and millions more overseas.

How exactly does it work? Telstra customers who decide to join Telstra Air will share a small portion of their home internet bandwidth in exchange for using their own home broadband allowance at hotspots across the nation and all around the world.

More than 250 towns and cities across Australia are getting great WiFi coverage. Going online in Aussie residential areas, as well as payphone sites and retail outlets in popular locations, won’t be a problem anymore!

Telstra Air customers who plan on traveling abroad will also be able to benefit from the new service. They will be able to surf the internet in all countries where Fon is available – as of now, that’s 18 unique destinations and counting! These include popular European tourist spots, such as the UK, Germany, France, and recently-launched Spain and Italy, in addition to other tourist favourites around the world, like Japan and Brazil. At the same time, international Fon members now have yet another destination on the map – soon, they will be able to find tons of Fon hotspots to connect to Down Under.

We are so excited to be bringing on-the-go WiFi connection to all corners of the world, and we know you will really enjoy the service! You can read more information about Telstra Air by clicking here.