Welcoming Our Newest Partner, Deutsche Telekom

Today, we are very happy to announce that we have partnered with Deutsche Telekom, Germany’s largest telco, to create the country’s largest WiFi network! As of this summer, Deutsche Telekom’s 12 million subscribers who choose to join Fon will be able to get free WiFi at Fon’s more than 7 million hotspots around the world!

Joining the network is easy:
Deutsche Telekom’s broadband subscribers just need to sign up to the Fon service and share the unused capacity of their internet connection with other users. By doing this, they get free access to millions of Fon hotspots all around the world. Sharing creates two networks – a private one, accessible only inside the home, and a public one shared with other members of the network. This is completely safe, and since the private network is always prioritized, there is no noticeable change in internet speed for those who choose to share.

Currently with over 7 million hotspots, Fon is the world’s largest WiFi network. In countries such as the UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Croatia and Brazil, customers already share their broadband connection and receive free access to all 7 million hotspots in the Fon network for free.

Watch this video explaining the DT and Fon partnership, including an interview with our CEO Martin Varsavsky.

Watch this advert explaining WLAN to go with DT and Fon.

Welcome to the network, Deutsche Telekom! Make sure to keep up with us on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn for all the latest at Fon!