Gramofon + Qualcomm ® AllPlay™

Gramofon is evolving. Earlier this year we announced that we would be integrating Qualcomm ® AllPlay™ technology to Gramofon. Great news – it’s finally here.

In addition to Spotify Premium, Gramofon now supports all the other music-streaming services on the AllPlay platform, including Napster, Rhapsody, TuneIn, Aupeo, Wahwah, doubleTwist and Soma FM. More services will be added to AllPlay™ over time, and each will be compatible with the Gramofon – the likes of Jay Z’s TIDAL, SoundCloud and iHeart Radio are all coming soon. Simply open your favourite streaming service app and hit play.

AllPlay isn’t just about streaming music via internet-based services; it enables you to play music stored locally on your smartphone, tablet or computer, too. It also adds nifty multi-room functionality – if you have several audio systems around your home, simply connect a Gramofon to each one, and add them to your WiFi network. Via the AllPlay app, you can choose to play music in just one room, or different music in several rooms, or synchronise your Gramofons so they all play the same music – perfect for house parties!

Unlike other brand-specific multi-room audio platforms, AllPlay via Gramofon offers a more flexible and collaborative approach – you’re not locked into one hardware brand or software interface, and friends can join your network when they visit and stream music from their own devices. AllPlay is essentially future-proof, too – as more functionality is added to the AllPlay platform, every Gramofon will automatically update its firmware to match.

We have been rolling out updates to incorporate AllPlay to your Gramofon and the majority of existing internet-connected Gramofons have already had their firmware upgraded while future Gramofon shipments will have AllPlay pre-installed. If your Gramofon has a blue light you have the AllPlay software update. Download the AllPLay Jukebox app from the iTunes App Store or Google PLay to discover the possibilities of Gramofon with multi-room.

We are truly excited for the next phase of Gramofon. Creating a holistic music experience that allows you to easily play music straight from your favourite music services and listen to them everywhere around the home, it’s what Gramofon has always strived for.

We announced Gramofon almost one year ago on Kickstarter and we are just getting started. Thanks for being a part of the journey.

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