Gramofon, a reality!

We’d like to give a huge thanks to everyone for their support, especially to our backers, who as of now make up more than 4,800 people around the world.

Our Kickstarter campaign has come to an end and we can proudly say that Gramofon is a reality. Our revolutionary Social WiFi + Social Music product innovation went beyond our funding goal, reaching $300,000 in only 30 days. This means it will be manufactured for sure!

Remember that Gramofon is the easiest way to get your cloud music off your phone and onto your sound system. Up to 20 people can connect to it and DJ simultaneously. Since it does not depend on Bluetooth, your music doesn’t shut off when you leave the room. And it’s also a Fonera, meaning it’s a free pass to our 12-million hotspot network and is integrated with Facebook so your friends can connect to your WiFi without a password.

If you missed your opportunity through Kickstarter, no worries! You can now preorder your Gramofon via our website

First Gramofon units will be sold from our store this summer. Stay tunned for more information! Keep up with all the latest Gramofon news on Twitter and Facebook!