Fon now has more than 15 million Fon hotspots worldwide and a new CEO: Alex Puregger!

We said our growth is unstoppable and reality confirms this! We’ve just surpassed the 15 million Fon Spots mark thanks to our recent agreements, as well as steady expansion of our existing partners.

Last year alone 3 million Fon Spots were added to our network making Fon available in the vast majority of Europe. Our recent partnerships with Vodafone in Spain and Italy are allowing us to increase our presence at record pace.

Fon coverage in the Americas, Oceania, and Asia continues to keep growing. In Japan our number of Fon Spots is set to increase further via SoftBank, boosted by our recently announced partnership with Wireless Gate, who will provide Fon WiFi in public places as well! But we are not done: in the coming months we’ll also roll out our joint Telstra-Fon WiFi network in Australia. Today, Fon covers more than 15 million WiFi hotspots and is set to pass 25 million in a few years.

We are also thrilled to announced that Fon has a new CEO, Alex Puregger! He will be leading this exciting next phase at Fon after having served as COO in the company for many years. Fon Founder and previous CEO, Martin Varsavsky, will still be helping Fon as Chairman of the Board.

You can read more about this announcement in this press release.