New Fon WiFi app gives people seamless WiFi access at over 3 million hotspots across France

  • The Fon WiFi app instantly connects users to seamless WiFi at millions of hotspots.


October 2017. MADRID. Fon, the global WiFi network, has launched a brand new connectivity app – the Fon WiFi app. This launch demonstrates Fon’s commitment to connecting people all over the world, through WiFi. Thanks to both the Fon and SFR networks, app users can buy time-based passes giving them instant access to WiFi at over 3 million locations across the country. And for a limited time, first-time users will get a free one-day WiFi trial when they sign up directly through the app.

The new app, available to download on both iOS and Android devices, is perfect for people looking for immediate access to contract-free WiFi. Nowadays people expect to be seamlessly connected, wherever they are. With Fon’s new app, everyone from holidaymakers and business travellers, to students and people who are moving home, will be able to access secure and reliable WiFi.

The user experience is simple. Once logged into the app, users can choose from a range of WiFi passes, ranging in time from 1 hour up to 1 month, with no data restrictions. For a limited time, everyone who downloads the app will get a free week of WiFi access. Customers of Fon partners who receive promo codes for temporary WiFi access can also redeem their codes within the app. Users can buy or redeem as many passes as they like at one time and save them to activate later, when they need WiFi access on multiple devices.

Thanks to Fon’s innovative connectivity technology, devices will connect automatically to hotspots, without the user needing to enter any passwords or even have the app open. What’s more, users don’t need to worry about wastage, as their timed pass will only begin to countdown once their device is connected to the first Fon hotspot. Nearby hotspots are shown on an interactive map within the app, but users are also able to search for hotspots in specific locations. In the following months, hotspots in prime public locations will also be added to the service, including hotels, airports, restaurants, and shopping centres.

The app is available now to download across France, with launches in other countries later this year.


About Fon

Fon is the global WiFi network. We pioneered residential WiFi sharing over a decade ago, and now we manage a network of over 21 million hotspots worldwide. We are experts in keeping people seamlessly connected by aggregating residential and prime public WiFi footprints, as well as facilitating interconnection between WiFi services. Our global partners include British Telecom, Deutsche Telekom Group, SFR, Telstra, Vodafone Group and AT&T. Discover more at


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