Vodafone Spain & Italy join Fon’s global WiFi network

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our community WiFi network in Spain and Italy, thanks to our partnership with Vodafone, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies.

From an initial revolutionary idea, Fon has grown to become the world’s largest WiFi network. Through our partnerships with top telcos worldwide, we have created essential Fon WiFi coverage around the globe. Now Vodafone joins the list!

Vodafone will begin rolling out the WiFi service this week. Fon members and Vodafone clients will enjoy free connectivity in top tourist destinations such as Spain and Italy. The initial deployments will be completed by summer and we expect to have more than 2 million new hotspots before the end of the year!

Vodafone members will also be able to enjoy the Fon WiFi service abroad – currently, Fon is present in over 17 different countries, including other top European destinations like the UK, France, and Germany, in addition to other hot spots around the world such as Brazil and Japan.

Working together with Vodafone on their WiFi strategy is a big step forward for Fon and for WiFi overall, which has become an integrated part of fixed and mobile communication. We are very excited to be continuing to expand our coverage across the European continent and beyond.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to surf the internet on WiFi while sipping a Campari & soda in Rome, or while you are enjoying the lively atmosphere on a terrace in Barcelona? Well, soon you will be able to enjoy this!

For more information, check out our Press Release about the new partnership. And keep up with us on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn for all the latest at Fon!