The business of WiFi for Business

Two summers ago, Fon launched its WiFi for Business beta. Since then, the platform has evolved quite a bit. It now allows businesses to choose the duration of WiFi connectivity (up to 24 hours of unlimited access), select how long free trials can last and how many can be offered per day, and telcos can now integrate the technology into their own CPE devices. Pretty cool updates in just 18 months!

So, what is WiFi for Business at its core? In short, it’s a solution designed to help retailers provide secure WiFi to their customers in a professional, simple, and affordable way. Fon provides the solution to telcos and distributors who then offer it to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Let’s take a look at the flowchart for a clear explanation:

W4B - flowchart

There are tons of benefits to all players involved – retailers, telcos, and the end customer. Here a couple of the biggest highlights for each group: 

Telcos / Distributors:

Infrastructure: No need to invest in additional hardware – the platform is flexible and compatible with industry standard equipment
Support: operators independently manage the service with a support platform providing network monitoring, analytics, customer care, and more
Value: Telcos are able to offer new and existing clients a valuable service. Telcos can also monitor and optimize their network by with real-time reporting






Customizable: SMEs tailor the experience based on their needs by deciding how much WiFi to offer, customizing the login page, and more
Marketing tool: provides a fantastic channel for customer engagement, communication, and targeted advertising in just a few clicks
Analytics & insights: retailers get key analytics and insights about their customers including demographic data, trends, retention, usage, and return rates






Security: a safe and secure WiFi network to roam freely outside of their homes
Convenience: get access quickly with easy login process
Discounts: opportunity to receive special offers and promotions from the retailer




infographic benefits of Fon's WiFi for Business

So there you have it. WiFi for Business is a great solution offering benefits to all parties across the board, and we are looking forward to helping telcos connect more and more retailers and their customers!

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