WiFi for Business Solution


WiFi access for customers has become an important amenity for many venues. Fon’s WiFi for Business is a solution that telcos and distributors can offer to retailers so that those merchants can understand and engage their customers in a more effective way.

Animation displaying the array of analytical information available to retailers and telcos and distributors through Fon's WiFI for Business solutions

Businesses need a complete WiFi offer


Millions of independent merchants have deployed partial WiFi solutions – in most cases consisting of little more than opening access to the retailer’s private network by sharing their password.


Apart from exposing the retailer to risks associated with the online activity of their customers, this type of ad hoc solution is not ideal for users who have to type in complicated passwords to use the internet.


Retailers need a complete package which is simple to use and provides a low cost solution, improving customer satisfaction, engagement, and offering the retailer key insights into their current customers and potential ones.

Our Solution

Fon is an expert in deploying and operating carrier grade WiFi solutions. WiFi for Business provides operators with a differentiated, value-added service delivered via our tried and tested WiFi service management platform, enabling robust and cost effective service delivery to enterprises ranging from individual retailers to large scale distributors, or as an extension of an operator’s existing community WiFi deployment.


The Fon WiFi for Business solution enables venue owners to provide a simple, secure, and personalised WiFi experience for their customers that they can tailor to their needs or just plug and play for an immediate solution right out of the box.

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User experience is easily customised, including the important feature of limiting the amount of time the users can connect. It offers a range of powerful tools that allow the retailer to use their landing page as a marketing tool, providing a fantastic channel for customer engagement and communication while also enabling targeted advertising in just a few clicks. It provides retailers with key analytics and insights about their customers including demographic data, trends, retention, and return rates.


For customers, it enables easy access using their existing social network login credentials and the potential for special offers from the retailer. Plus it offers them free internet access to make waiting times more bearable or offer greater insight on their purchase decision; happier customers mean more customers and increased consumption per customer.

Commercial models


The Fon WiFi for Business solution supports and enables multiple commercialisation models, providing a compelling package that can be adapted to the requirements of distributors or telcos.

Direct monetisation and customer retention models
  • Various business models: From a paid-by-end-customer to a fully subsidised model


  • Increase customer retention by bundling the service with existing internet product portfolios


  • Sell sponsored WiFi at premium retail locations


  • Generate additional revenues through pass sales schemes at street level and retail locations, allowing users to gain WiFi access where they are most likely to need it
Analytics & Insights
  • Learn more about current customers and potential customers


  • Usage, demographic, geographic, and device insights can be readily attained


  • Direct access to insights through powerful, but intuitive dashboards
  • Captive portal is a compelling window display


  • Advertising supported access for free trials


  • Data gained from users can be used for targeted advertising
Sponsored WiFi
  • Enable large-scale, high visibility campaigns


  • Link brands to great user experience and gain loyalty


  • Can be deployed on residential, business, and public WiFi platforms
Customer engagement
  • The captive portal allows users who aren’t the operator’s customers yet know what they are missing


  • They can pay for access by buying a pass or they can join the Fon Community also by subscribing with the operator


  • Free trials and promotions are supported

The Fon solution is flexible and modular, so telcos and distributors can choose which commercial models are the most important or relevant for them. Because the Fon team has unrivalled experience in managing WiFi solutions, we can help operators ensure they get the most out of any deployment.

Key Benefits


For venue owners

  • Simple and intuitive: The 3-step registration process makes the Fon WiFi for Business solution easy to setup and configure


  • Create brand awareness: The captive portal offers a new digital touchpoint to expose the brand and create awareness with their customers


  • Fully-customisable: The merchant can decide how much free WiFi to offer their customers or what they see after login – the business URL, a promotional page, etc.


  • Easy login: No need to introduce complicated passwords. Guests can connect via Facebook or regular email login


  • Safe and legally compliant: Worry-free managed solution that keeps the merchant safe and compliant with regulatory obligations


  • Customer insights: An intuitive dashboard that provides useful analytics (demographics and access stats)


  • Increase loyalty: Reward loyal customers with tailored promotions and messages


  • Enhance customers’ in-store experience and increase sales: Happy customers usually results in an increase of sales


  • Map: Venues will be published in Fon and partner’s maps, so users will find them

For telcos & distributors

  • Leverage any existing infrastructure: The Fon service management platform is flexible and compatible with industry standard equipment, so we deploy only what is needed to complete the solution


  • Open & scalable architecture: Optional components that can be enabled or disabled by external API connectors allow the solution to be adjusted to the operator’s business context and needs


  • Cloud-based platform providing end-to-end support for the SME WiFi operation: Service provisioning, network monitoring, analytics, and customer-care are combined in one platform, allowing operators to independently manage the service


  • Customer premises equipment (CPE): No need to invest in additional hardware, the solution can be enabled to work with an ISP’s existing legacy CPEs


  • Scalability: Scale the capacity for expected transaction volumes at service launch date, and later adjust to actual volumes of traffic as they grow


  • Business continuity & monitoring: Fon performs 24x7x365 monitoring, supervision, and operation of the service platform to guarantee business continuity


  • Segmentation of the network: By geography, type of hotspot, or specific locations such as individual retailers, chains, and sponsored places operators can expand their footprint by reselling this functionality to distributors, resellers, and municipalities


  • Gather data, exploit analytics: The advanced reporting and analytics service allow operators to monitor, analyse, and optimise their SME WiFi network. An interactive dashboard offers near real-time data which builds on the standard reports and allows operators to gain deeper insights into network performance, usage, and efficiency



Fon WiFi for Business solution is adaptable to partners’ existing CPEs or we can provide our own affordable routers with built-in Fon functionality. We also collaborate with 3rd parties such as Ruckus Wireless to offer high capacity routers to cover large and highly dense areas.

The logos of both Ruckus and Fon demonstrating the partnership established to propell Fon's WiFi for business solution

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