You know WiFi has made it when…

…it gets its very own holiday! Yes, the Wireless Broadband Alliance’s World WiFi Day will officially be added to the calendar this year – and the date is June 20th, 2016.

Here at Fon, we are thrilled about the new holiday. After all, Fon is the world’s largest WiFi network, with over 20 million hotspots in 17 different countries. Our service allows users to access WiFi no matter where they are. You can get online in your own home, contract-free, by connecting to a Fon hotspot. You can save on mobile data costs by using Fon while on the go in your city. And, you can even stay connected while you are travelling abroad, without worrying about roaming fees.

Naturally, Fon will be participating in the celebration. How? With free WiFi of course!

That’s right. Together with participating partners, Fon will be granting free WiFi access for a limited time to thousands of our hotspots in 6 different countries. If you live or happen to be travelling in one of these countries during the celebration period, you can get connected to WiFi for free by using special promo codes.

World WiFi day is a great chance for you to try out our service, with no strings attached. So, come on and join us for the celebration! Here’s how each partner will be participating in the event:

WiFi Day CodesKeep in mind, the codes are only valid in their corresponding country. Customers in the UK can receive their promo code from BT by clicking here.

Okay, so now that you have the code, how can you get connected? You can get access by following 5 simple steps:


Here are the network names that you can connect to by country:

Australia: “Telstra Air” or “Fon Wifi”
Greece: “OTE WiFi Fon” 



The Netherlands: “KPN Fon” 
Romania: “Telekom_Fon” 
The UK: “BTWiFi-with-Fon”



Once the code has been redeemed, you do not need to enter it in again. You will, however, need to login again every time you connect to a new hotspot.

And that’s it! Free WiFi. So go ahead – spend hours streaming music, watching videos, browsing the net, whatever you desire… it’s on us!

Tell us: How will you use your free WiFi? Where will you be logging on from? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedInwe’d love to hear from you!

More details can be found in our Press Release.