Leveraging WiFi strategies with an always-best-connected experience

As we’ve seen in previous posts, WiFi connectivity has become essential to all types of operators for many different reasons. For one thing, lets them complement their value propositions, reduce churn, and generate revenue by offering WiFi on the go. Data offloaded onto WiFi can help operators save on costs, and WiFi Calling provides a better user connectivity experience. It’s clear that WiFi-based services are everywhere, but are operators making the very most of these deployments? And is the end-user connectivity experience the best it can be?

Even at home, WiFi connectivity experiences can vary greatly and many people are left feeling unsatisfied. The same can be said when a customer steps outside: the experience can vary widely from excellent, or even better than cellular, to completely deficient. We all know how confusing it can be to pick the right SSID from a list of unintuitive options, not to mention unfriendly login processes. Have you ever found yourself switching your settings back and forth between WiFi and cellular data to avoid terrible WiFi connections?

This all-too-common situation, aside from being frustrating, has yet another significant impact on operators: they won’t get the most from their WiFi deployments. Here’s an example: an operator has decided to deploy a WiFI network to reduce its infrastructural costs by offloading expensive cellular data onto it. Wisely so, before carrying out this deployment, the company would have studied and approved a business plan with an estimated and quantified reduction of costs. But if customers aren’t satisfied with the WiFi service it provides, they may simply switch it off on their device and go back to 3G/4G. This puts the operators in danger of not being able to meet these business objectives. The same is true for operators seeking to reduce churn by providing WiFi connectivity outside of the home, or for those who implement WiFi Calling. A bad connectivity experience will damage their reputation and chances fulfilling their original purpose.

On the other hand, a good connectivity experience will have a positive impact on NPS and will maximize the business potential of an operator’s WiFi deployments. That’s why they need solutions that will let them:

– Connect users seamlessly, avoiding unfriendly network association and login processes.

– Ensure users enjoy the best connectivity option without having to intervene or switch back and forth between WiFi and cellular networks.

– Understand their network performance from an end-user perspective.

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