Proximus reaps the benefits of blanketing Belgium with WiFi in record time

Proximus delivers a great connectivity experience with WiFi

Formerly known as Belgacom, Proximus is the largest telecommunication operator in Belgium. They currently hold 45% market share in the fixed line segment and have 5.7 million mobile subscribers. Proximus bet on WiFi in order to pursue a set of ambitious goals, including meeting the connectivity needs of non-subscribers.


Proximus decided to focus on delivering WiFi services in order to:

Increase market share and customer loyalty

Stand out in a competitive market

Meet connectivity demands of foreign visitors

The project

Proximus delivered a connectivity strategy targeting two distinct user segments. Firstly, they offered broadband customers unlimited WiFi connectivity outside of the home via a free connectivity app. They just had to share a bit of their broadband access in return. A great connectivity experience was achieved by building a dense hotspot coverage network. Proximus instantly activated the service in routers, resulting in the fastest deployment yet (300,000 hotspots deployed instantly).

Occasional users, including up to 8 million foreign visitors per year, were also granted WiFi access on a paid basis, generating additional incomes for Proximus.

1.2 million hotspots deployed within six months

Data cost savings derived from offload strategies

Tens of thousands of daily passes sold per month

Leverage our flexible WiFi solutions to meet ambitious objectives