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WiFi Cloud Controller Integration

Fon has a strong experience collaborating across Service Providers, developing, deploying and monetizing large scale WiFi networks around the world. Managing millions of hotspots for multiple Tier 1 Service Providers.

Advanced WiFi network management is key to delivering the next generation of Internet Access.
Cloud Network Management and Open networking helps to effectively deploy, monitor and orchestrate the network operation, as well as providing rich integration capabilities.
Fon supports Open Networking initiatives required to extend the benefits of Software Defined Networks to leverage disaggregation between hardware and software.
Fon deploys and integrates your Cloud Controller to scale effectively your WiFi network while supporting multiple vendors. 

Fon’s cloud controller is based on open software Open WiFi TIP project

Android devices management

Manage, monitor and protect all your Android devices, using a single and easy to use interface.

Reduce on-site assistance

By managing all of your deployed hardware from one single place, you are now able to see what your client is experiencing and act on it, without ever setting foot on the deployment site. Studies have shown that 30% of all on-site repairs can be avoided, and are caused by the client not being able to properly explain the malfunction.

Increase Hardware Lifecycle

Make sure your set-top boxes are up to date and healthy, by making routine and segmented check-ups, and this way ensuring their longevity. Monitor piracy usage and other factors that may put your devices at risk. Don’t leave hardware replacement as a routine procedure and smartly manage your fleet, preventing and monitoring.

Improve Customer Support

Stop losing customers due to bad technical support experiences. With our visual interface, your support team is able to access what your client is experiencing, putting aside miscommunication and reducing troubleshooting times, going straight to issue solving. Earn more value per customer, by retaining and engaging in smart follow ups

WeBoxControl creates the perfect tech support experience

Reduce customer frustrations and unnecessary on-site visits. WeBoxControl allows your team to make a remote diagnosis and solve non-hardware-related problems from any location. Increase customer satisfaction and gain further trust.

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ACS (TR-069)

Fon Auto Configuration Server (ACS) enables Service Providers device management effectively. Device management through traditional standards in cloud delivery model simplifies your daily operational tasks:

Firmware upgrades | Provisioning | Configuration management | Monitoring | Troublshooting | Integration

Self-configuration and self-healing system

For the immediate recognition and registering of new devices by the network.


Simplify provisioning and activation and apply device profiling setup.

Policy Manager

Allow Operators to define device groups based on criteria and choose profiles to apply to each group.

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