Oi leverages its WiFi network to generate new leads

Oi strengthens its presence in the data market with WiFi

Oi is a convergent service pioneer in Brazil. It has the largest network penetration in even the most remote regions of the country. The operator wanted to differentiate itself within the market and chose to offer WiFi services in order to do so.

Oi decided to focus on delivering WiFi services in order to:

Become the first company in Latin America to offer a ubiquitous WiFi network

Expand mobile internet coverage to meet data demand

Offer subscribers a better connectivity experience

The project

Oi incorporated our innovative technology into its residential CPEs. By doing so, broadband customers were able to enjoy unlimited WiFi access across Brazil in return for sharing a bit of their home access. Fontech’s vendor-agnostic technology allowed for fast integration and rapid deployment of the hotspot network. Following this success, Oi also opened up its WiFi service to non-subscribers who were offered a similar service but with advertisements. Users just had to download a free app to access the service. This enabled Oi to generate new leads as well as revenue from advertisers.

Over 2 million hotspots deployed

Over 400,000 active users

Oi WiFi perceived as a differential by customers

Leverage our flexible WiFi solutions to drive business growth