Wireless Gate deploys public WiFi in one of Japan’s largest ski resorts

Wireless Gate pursued an ambitious opportunity

Wireless Gate is Japan’s first MVNO, focused on the provision of wireless broadband services. The company set its sights on delivering WiFi services at the largest and most international ski resort in Japan. Niseko attracts an average of 200k visitors every winter season, of which 90% are foreigners.


Wireless Gate focused on delivering WiFi services in Niseko in order to:

Complement cellular in areas where QoE can be challenging

Take advantage of data cost savings

Leverage Wireless Gate brand recognition

The project

Niseko Ski Board wanted to differentiate Niseko through a superior WiFi service. Their aim was to deliver a better overall visitor experience and improve the satisfaction of Australian visitors, its main client base. Thanks to Fontech’s solutions, Wireless Gate was able to come to an agreement with Niseko Ski Board to provide free WiFi access to their 300 affiliated businesses.

Wireless Gate and Niseko’s joint solution provides 30 minutes of free WiFi to visitors. Local businesses don’t have to worry about meeting regulatory obligations which are taken care of. Through the captive portal flow, the resort is promoted and visitors are conducted to Niseko’s corporate site. There they can search for different services such as accommodation, nightlife, and numerous leisure activities.

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