Vodafone disrupts the small business market

Vodafone adds WiFi to its business solutions portfolio

Vodafone Group is the world’s second-largest mobile telecommunications company. Currently, the company is immersed in the purchase of fixed operators to complement its cellular access proposition and provide a convergent offer. Through the acquisition of fixed operator Ono, Vodafone in Spain became one of the first markets to have a consolidated convergent proposition: Vodafone One.
Having already tackled the residential market, Vodafone put its sights on the valuable small business segment. They launched the “ONE PROFESSIONAL” package which includes WiFi.

Vodafone focused on delivering WiFi services to this segment in order to:

Include professional guest WiFi in its business portfolio

Increase market share

Stand out from the competition

The project

The Spanish business fabric is made up of more than three million businesses, most of them small businesses. Within the enterprise mobile market Vodafone had a 30% share. However, within the fixed broadband enterprise segment it had a disappointing 8% market share. By 2014 this had reached 13% through the purchase of fixed operator Ono. Gaining market share and boosting convergence was only possible with the most attractive business offering in the market. In this case, WiFi was the icing on the cake.

Using our solution, the operator launched “Vodafone WiFi for your business”. The professional guest WiFi service allows small business owners to offer secure, quality WiFi to customers. Fully customizable, it also provides the owner with socio-demographic data of their visitors. Vodafone provides the business owner with a small router and prices the service at a specific fee on top of the One Professional package.

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