Deutsche Telekom offers a differentiated proposition with WiFi-based services

Building the largest WiFi network in Germany

Deutsche Telekom (DT) is present in over 50 countries, making it one of the world’s leading convergent telecommunication companies. In 2013, Fon and DT joined forces with the goal to create the largest WiFi network in Germany. It would then be rolled out in other countries (such as Greece, Romania, and Hungary).


Deutsche Telekom decided to focus on delivering WiFi services in order to:

Meet increased connectivity demands of customers

Differentiate itself from the competition

Enable WiFi Calling

The project

DT and Fon launched WLAN TO GO, giving broadband customers free, unlimited WiFi access across Germany as well as millions of hotspots worldwide. In return, they just had to securely share a bit of their home broadband access. As a result, many mobile customers were soon able to enjoy free WiFi connectivity on the move too. Non-DT customers were also able to enjoy WLAN TO GO on a pay-per-access basis, creating a new source of revenue.

Furthermore, the network also enabled DT to offer WiFi Calling services. This provided a better connectivity experience to users who could now make calls even if cellular coverage was poor (as long as there was a WiFi connection available).

Reduced churn among customer base

Over 9k passes sold on a monthly basis

Over 1.3M Telstra Air customers

ACOMMS Innovation Award (Large Company)

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