Yokahoma increases tourist engagement with WiFi

Yokahoma uses WiFi to improve visitor experience

Yokohama, the largest Chinatown in Japan, hosts over 21 million visitors a year. Yokohama Chinatown Development Association promotes its history, culture, and economic growth, and brings together 4000 residents and more than 300 businesses towards this common goal. It maintains the corporate website and app, which hosts information regarding local offers, cultural events, shops and goods. It also serves as an online tourist guide for visitors. The Association wanted to provide an even better visitor experience using WiFi.


Yokahoma focused on delivering WiFi services in order to:

Foster a tourist-friendly environment

Increase tourist engagement towards Yokahoma Chinatown

Deliver better overall service and achieve greater customer satisfaction

The project

Using our hardware-agnostic solution, Yokohama Trade Union provides its syndicated members with a Guest WiFi-enabled router. It provides two hours of free WiFi access to their end customers through a portal. The Development Association leverages the captive portal as a marketing tool to promote Yokohama’s offerings and activities. A symbolic Dragon invites visitors to cross Yokohama’s welcoming gates and conducts them towards a guided online tour of the town, where they can explore the town, search for their favourite shop, and keep track of next events.

Reduced churn among customer base

Over 9k passes sold on a monthly basis

Over 1.3M Telstra Air customers

ACOMMS Innovation Award (Large Company)

Take advantage of new business opportunities with our WiFi solutions