Analysys Mason sheds light on new business opportunities offered by WiFi

WiFi continues to be a key element of many operators’ propositions, but are they doing enough to fully capitalize on WiFi deployments? The answer is “not quite” according to Analysys Mason’s “Capitalising on new Wi-Fi opportunities” white paper. The global consultancy and research firm specialized in telecommunications found that operators could still be doing more to get the most out of deployments and take their businesses further.

The report highlights some of the biggest ongoing challenges that operators are facing in today’s market including saturation, stagnating revenues, and competition from agile OTT players. Not only does Analysys Mason’s white paper provide a detailed exploration of each challenge, the report also includes actionable recommendations for taking advantage of these new business opportunities.

The white paper argues that while many operators include WiFi in their propositions, they aren’t necessarily aware of the many opportunities this access technology also offers when it comes to confronting these challenges. Thus, using WiFi deployments to their advantage would allow operators to achieve important business goals such as reducing costs, remaining competitive, and providing their clients with a better user experience.

We are also proud to mention that Analysys Mason explored the many possibilities that Fon Solutions’ products and services offer in terms of carrying out deployments and offering value-added services. The white paper explains how our offering helps operators reach business goals and differentiate from competitors quickly – essential today’s rapidly evolving market. The examples described include our Carrier WiFi Solution which gives operators powerful, centralized, and flexible service management, and our Connectivity Experience Solution which ensures an always-best-connected experience.

We’re also happy to announce that we’ll be discussing the whitepaper at length in our webinar with Stephen Wilson from Analysys Mason on October 5th, and we’d love for you to join us.  Register now if you’d like to be part of the conversation!

Want to read the full report? You can download it now!

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