Fontech: Meeting your local WiFi needs on a global scale!

The new year is an opportunity to refocus on business objectives. As you gear up for 2018, we’re delighted to say that no matter where you are, we have your WiFi needs covered. The Fontech International Sales Team keeps growing, and we’re excited to introduce you to the experts representing us around the globe!

While we continue to proudly serve Western Europe, Japan, and Australia, the growth of Fontech’s sales team allows us to spread our wings in both developed and emerging markets, reflecting our aim to support the rapidly evolving needs of global customers.

Borja Osorio, Fontech’s Head of Global Sales, said, “Our top local talent understands the peculiarities of each region and the local ecosystems, and they are supported by our team of experts in Fontech’s HQ”.

Looking to speak with a Fontech representative with expertise on your region? Meet the Fontech International Sales Team members! Click on the region or their name for more info.

Europe, Russia, and CIS

Being based and founded in Spain, Fontech has always naturally had a strong presence in Europe. To expand our reach toward Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS, Paul Harper, joins our Madrid-based representatives who primarily cover Western Europe (Peter Dvorak and Juan Pedro de Miguel). Paul is based out of Slovakia and has over 10 years of experience in the local carrier space.

Service providers in Europe, Russia, and CIS are prioritizing Offload as a cost-saving strategy. They are also looking to create more value in the SMB sector with new services including WiFi.

SAARC region

Rishav Chandra Choudhary, our New Delhi-based representative, has more than 13 years of professional experience in the technology sector. He sees enormous potential for growth of the WiFi business in the region.

Highlighting just one example, India has the third highest internet usage and the largest mobile data consumption in the world. In 2015, the Indian government introduced the Smart Cities Program for 109 cities, presenting a huge opportunity for wireless operators.

Middle East and Africa

The Middle East and Africa (MEA) region has also been rolling out smart city initiatives, with Rwanda as a pioneer. With Dubai hosting the Expo 2020 and the expected tourism boost, public WiFi demands could increase significantly.

Nilesh Nagarsheth joins the Fontech International Sales Team to cover the MEA region. He has worked in the telco sector for over 24 years, and knows the ins and outs of the industry like the back of his hand.


Stable economic growth has boosted tourism in Latin America, leading to higher investments in WiFi services by operators and governments to meet the increasing connectivity demands. New MVNOs are appearing in the region are looking to leverage WiFi Offload.

Joining our Madrid-based representative, Gabriella Di Domizio, Osmar Corrêa is our manager for Latin America, based in São Paulo. Omar believes Brazil offers unique possibilities for the WiFi market since a third of all smartphone users in South America live there.

North America and the Caribbean

North America is facing an entirely different set of market circumstances. Due to OTT disruption, high data demand from the increasing number of connected devices, and the rising popularity of unlimited plans, fixed operators are pressured to mobilize their offerings. Mobile operators are also looking to gain network efficiencies through offload. In Central America, the tourism industry is spurring interest in WiFi services.

Cecilia Farrugia, a seasoned expert in the telco sector, is spearheading our sales efforts in this region.

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