El País talks to Fon CEO about the future of WiFi

Rosa Jiménez Cano of El País spoke to Fon CEO Alex Puregger about our evolution as a company, as well as the revolution of the WiFi ecosystem.

Starting as an original idea from Martin Varsavsky, who had the intention of improving telecommunications, Fon is now the world’s leading carrier WiFi provider, and Rosa highlighted that as a company we have always successfully adapted with the times.

As a result, not only has Fon simplified the way in which consumers can stay connected, but we’ve also had a catalytic effect on communication service providers who updated their routers in order to incorporate our solutions.

In the run up to Mobile World Congress 2017, with thoughts focused on the latest technological trends and what might be in store in the near future, the interview was a great opportunity for Alex to share some thoughts on the revolution of the WiFi ecosystem. You can read the full article here.

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