Welcome the newest Fonera: Now with Facebook functionality

We are thrilled to introduce our brand new Fonera!

Although it seems like yesterday when we released our last model, the Fonera Simpl, a lot of things have changed since then: Fon is now the leading WiFi network in the world with more than 12 million hotspots and has partnerships with some of the largest telcos worldwide who integrate our award winning solution into their CPEs.  We are passionate about constantly making the WiFi user experience better, and we are proud to share our newest Fonera with you.

The new WiFi router combines classic Fon sharing features with new functionality that replaces traditional long (and often difficult) WiFi passwords with Facebook Connect.  Your guests will now be able to get online easily when visiting your home: if your friend is a Facebook friend, she or he will be recognized by the router and granted access with one click. Easy peasy!  And if your guest is not a Facebook friend, they’ll get limited access or they can always enter your WiFi password if they need more time.

The new Fonera is even smaller than our previous models (it fits into the palm of your hand!), comes with 802.11n compatibility and has WPA encryption. If you already have a WiFi router, the Fonera can be used as a booster to extend your existing WiFi router signal into rooms it doesn’t quite reach.

We were thinking about a new name for the product but what is more descriptive for a Fon router than just the word “Fonera”?  In fact, maybe this catchy name has somehow been responsible for our success: more than 4 million Foneras have been sold in the last 3 years.

The new Fonera will be available very soon in the Fon Store and on Amazon for $49 in the US and €39 in Europe*

Find more info about it in the official Fonera website

*Excluding United Kingdom, Croatia, The Netherlands, Russia, Germany and Greece.