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Our clients trust Fontech to execute their WiFi strategies. They know that we deliver cutting-edge technology and services that help them meet their business needs. We work with a broad range of WiFi partners globally, including 20 of the world’s leading telecommunication companies. With over a decade of experience, we have lots of success stories to tell, and lots more in the making!

Deutsche Telekom offers a differentiated proposition with WiFi-based services

Germany’s top operator, DT, pursued an “innovation by collaboration strategy”. DT partnered with Fon to build a WiFi network to meet increasing connectivity needs. With this network, DT was able to offer differentiated WiFi-based services such as WLAN TO GO and WiFi Calling.

By 2017, 2 million WLAN TO GO hotspots were available in Germany. The operator benefitted from new sources of revenue by offering non-subscribers pay-per-access.

Fontech helps Telstra build Australia’s largest WiFi network

Telstra set its goal of creating one of the world’s largest WiFi networks in order to give Australians more ways to connect and a better experience. Telstra Air Network® was set to differentiate Telstra’s value proposition in an increasingly competitive environment.

The operator improved quality of experience for customers which led to reduced churn. They also experienced increased customer acquisition.

COSMOTE enjoys a boost in NPS and customer acquisition

COSMOTE wanted to change its public perception and be recognized as a modern and innovative provider. The operator also wanted to avoid huge 3G/4G investments whilst continuing to meet customer connectivity needs. Finally, they were looking to gain market share.

They decided to take advantage of our innovative technology to provide a WiFi on the go service, with overwhelmingly positive results!

Oi leverages its WiFi network to generate new leads

Convergent Brazilian operator Oi became the first company in Latin America to offer a ubiquitous WiFi network. Through a savvy adaptation of its WiFi proposition, Oi was able to target all customer types. Most importantly, the operator turned non-subscribers into Oi WiFi users.

SoftBank’s saves millions on mobile network investments with WiFi Offload

SoftBank rapidly deployed a complimentary WiFi network. The operator was faced with the risk of congestion of its 3G network due to the launch of the iPhone 4S. By offloading traffic from its cellular to WiFi infrastructure, they were able to match the increasing connectivity needs of its customers in a short period of time and cost-effective way.

Proximus reaps the benefits of blanketing Belgium with WiFi in record time

Thanks to the scalability of Fontech’s WSMP, Proximus was able to build a network of over 1.2 million hotspots in only 6 months. The operator was able to offer WiFi on the Go to its customer base. Furthermore, Proximus targetted occasional users. This not only generated additional revenues and increased engagement, but it was leveraged as a lead generation tool for acquisition campaigns.

Vodafone Spain disrupts the SMB market with its WiFi for business solution

Vodafone targeted the small and medium business segment with a convergent proposition. It was complemented with a professional Guest WiFi service that allowed business owners to offer secure and high-quality WiFi to its customers.

Wireless Gate deploys public WiFi in one of Japan’s largest ski resorts

Thanks to Fontech’s WiFi solutions, Wireless Gate was able to partner with the Niseko Ski Board. The partnership provides free WiFi access for guests at the resort. WiFi was leveraged as a tool to attract tourism, enhance customer experience, and promote activities in one of the highest-value skiing locations worldwide.

Yokohama Chinatown uses WiFi to create a tourist-friendly environment

Yokohama is the largest Chinatown in Japan, hosting over 21 million visitors a year. In order to provide the best visitor experience, Yokohama Trade Union partnered with Fontech. It gave its members a guest WiFi-enabled router that provides free WiFi access to their end customers through a portal. This captive portal is leveraged as a marketing tool to promote Yokohama’s offerings and activities.

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