2013 wraps up with great news from Brazil: half a million hotspots!

2013 has been an incredible year for Fon: we changed our brand image, announced great partnerships and grew our footprint all over the world with millions of hotspots.

The latest good news that 2013 brought us came from Brazil! Fon, together with our partner Oi, hit the milestone of 500,000 hotspots in the country, making our joint WiFi network the largest in Brazil by far.

This represents a growth of 1763% compared to 2012, when there were only 27,000 hotspots. Data traffic numbers in the network also rose, from 4,800GB in December 2012 to 25,000GB last month, representing a fantastic 420% increase.

Remember Fon members can access the web with Oi WiFi Fon for free, just by using their username and password! These hotspots are available in the most famous cities such as Rio, Salvador and Recife and some exciting venues around the country.

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