Fon Introduces WiFi Solution For Business Owners

AUGUST 14TH 2014. MADRID.- Fon, the global WiFi network, has unveiled their latest offering: a solution for small and medium businesses. The new service called “WiFi for Business” is now available in Beta.

With a community of more than 13 million users, Fon is a WiFi leader worldwide. Last year alone the network grew by 60%, mainly thanks to Fon’s collaboration with leading telcos. Now the company introduces a new flavor of WiFi sharing – specifically addressing the needs of small and medium businesses.

In a connected world, WiFi for clients is not an extra service anymore but a must-have. Many business owners provide it by giving out their WiFi password or by leaving their connection open to visitors. Not only is this a security risk but it also means losing the opportunity for the business owner to get relevant information from customers when using WiFi.

Fon’s WiFi for Business aims to offer WiFi in a professional, simple, and affordable way. The service is a plug and play solution that is easy to use, customizable and extremely secure.

Retailers can get the solution by purchasing, via Fon’s online shop, the newest Fonera for Business: a tailor-made router for small and medium businesses with a stronger WiFi signal, optimized speed and a high processor performance which enables multiple simultaneous connections. It plugs into existing Internet DSL or cable modem and, with just a few clicks, the business owner can configure the free access time, visual appearance of landing and success pages, and social media integration.

Any customer is able to connect by logging in via Facebook, e-mail or using Fon credentials if they are already a Fon member. In return, business owners will gain valuable insight into customer demographics (gender, age, languages, where they come from, etc.) and will understand how frequently customers use the service, what devices they use to connect and how long they connect for. Of course information is only shared if it is explicitly authorized by the guest.

In line with Fon’s approach of collaborating with telcos, in the near future the service will be available as an added feature for existing routers of telco partners’ SMBs.

“This is a natural and exciting extension of our core business. We make connecting to WiFi easy. Fon WiFi for Business serves the needs of businesses that want to provide WiFi in a simple but smart way. It is the ideal solution to manage the guest WiFi experience for doctor’s offices, dental clinics, hair salons, retail locations, restaurants, coffee shops, or even for visitors in an office. We enable them to have this service without the need to hire a technical engineer”, says Alex Puregger, COO of Fon.

WiFi for Business is currently available for purchase at Fon´s online shop in select countries for $69/49€. Read more about it or watch the video here.

About Fon:

Fon was founded in February 2006 by serial entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky with the goal of blanketing the world with WiFi. Today the company is a global WiFi leader with 13 million hotspots in more than 200 countries. Fon has offices in Madrid, London, Tokyo and New York.  Its partners include among others; BT (UK), Deutsche Telekom (Germany), MWEB (South Africa), Oi (Brazil), SoftBank (Japan) and Telstra (Australia). For more information, please visit