Fon Lights-Up New York City with Free WiFi

12 DECEMBER 2013. NEW YORK & MADRID.- Fon, the global WiFi network, today announced a new initiative to provide free WiFi to downtown Brooklyn, in partnership with DBP, Jaroth Inc. (dba PTS) and DAS Communications, LLC. This partnership has constructed a new three prong model for free community WiFi that incorporates hotspots from outdoor spaces, merchants and residents’ homes.

With its unique community approach, Fon stands at over 12 million WiFi hotspots, making it the largest WiFi network in the world by far. This year alone, Fon has grown over 50%. Fon has seen tremendous success in Europe and Asia, and is now looking to build its footprint by intensifying its focus in the United States.

Today, residents in more than 1,000 cities around the globe experience near ubiquitous Fon coverage, with over 10% of households being part of the Fon network. Fon has achieved high density coverage levels as a result of partnerships with leading telcos in several countries, including the UK, France, Brazil and Japan.

“We look forward to lighting up downtown Brooklyn with free WiFi and connecting the residents and merchants for an even greater sense of community,” said Martin Varsavsky, CEO, Fon. “The three-prong community WiFi approach showcases how crowdsourced efforts can lead to a sustainable and ubiquitous free WiFi network.”

The approach, which incorporates outdoor spaces, merchants and residents, is the first of its kind. Outdoor hotspots include locations like lampposts, newsstands and bus stops. Hotspots from merchants, such as bakeries and retail shops, will add coverage in high traffic areas. These hotspots will utilize Fon’s new merchant WiFi offering “WiFi For Your Business” which enables businesses to connect with their customers, display a customized WiFi landing page and offer discounts and promotions.

To jump start the residential component of the model, Fon will also give away 1,000 Foneras to residents in Downtown Brooklyn which will round out coverage at the sidewalk level. The new Fonera, announced last month, combines classic Fon sharing features with new functionality using Facebook Connect in place of WiFi passwords. With its patented technology, the new Fonera allows its owners to get free access to Fon’s 12m hotspots by splitting their WiFi signal in two: a private signal for owner use and a shared signal that is available for the owner’s guests and the rest of the Fon network.

“Fon is about community: for the people, by the people. That is what makes us strong,” said Varsavsky. “This is an opportunity for Fon to showcase its capabilities and expand the network in the US while helping Downtown Brooklyn become the most connected neighborhood in NYC.”

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