LTE and WiFi, best friends!

All along, we at Fon have been saying that WiFi and LTE are complementary technologies. Now, this has been proven by The Advanced Wireless Technology Group (AWTG), a leader in UK metro wireless/small cell technology.

The group carried out a series of benchmarking measurements in Central London to evaluate the current ‘real customer’ experience of data services in the UK and the result is not shocking at all for us! When it comes to a great user experience, combining WiFi with LTE is the way to go.
LTE, the new high-speed data standard also known as 4G, is great for surfing the web, with websites taking no time at all to load. But when it comes to video streaming, WiFi is the champion. For example, YouTube plays better on WiFi both in terms of throughput and number of errors (which is lower with WiFi).
The overall message after this survey is clear: a WiFi strategy is essential for telcos looking to provide their customers with the best possible user experience. Together, LTE and WiFi create a winning connectivity strategy.