WiFi: key for the EU to coordinate the connectivity of 5G

26 ABRIL 2017. MADRID.┬áThe EU has recently announced that it will guarantee the release of high quality waves for wireless broadband services in all EU Member States to boost mobile connectivity and deployment of 5G technology. As a result, mobile operators will gain exclusive access to the 700 MHz band in 2020. Fon, the world’s leading carrier WiFi provider, highlights the importance for telecommunications operators to consider WiFi as an integrated technology, which could bring them significant cost savings as well as new sources of monetization.

Alex Puregger, CEO of Fon, remarks that Telco operators should be much more strategic when it comes to incorporating WiFi into their product offering as WiFi has a crucial role to play in the face of this explosion of data usage. According to Juniper Research’s “Mobile Data Offload & Onload” report, WiFi will carry most of this traffic as more than 60% of mobile data traffic will be offloaded over WiFi networks this year.

In this context, to allow service providers to run a better managed WiFi experience, Fon has optimized the Wifi Service Management Solution, which covers all aspects of WiFi delivery. The end-to-end solution enables operators to use WiFi as an integrated technology with the cellular core. As a result, they can deliver WiFi services to subscribers, and manage them just like cellular and fixed services, complementing existing access networks, and providing a holistic proposition. The solution helps service providers to reduce operation and management costs, whilst simultaneously enhancing customer experience and improving services.

About Fon

Fon is the world’s leading carrier WiFi provider. Pioneers of residential WiFi sharing, we revolutionised carrier WiFi with our technology, creating a globally connected WiFi network. Today, we continue to innovate through two leading business areas. Fon Solutions offers best-in-class WiFi products and services. Our cutting-edge management solutions enable service providers to configure, deliver and operate their own WiFi services. Fon Network aggregates residential and premium carrier WiFi footprints creating one coherent global WiFi network. We facilitate WiFi interconnection between carriers, provide access deals to interested parties, and enable seamless user roaming. Fon┬┤s global clients include British Telecom, the Deutsche Telekom Group, SFR, Proximus, KPN, Cosmote, MWEB, SoftBank, Telstra, and Vodafone. To learn more, please visit fon.com.


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