Leverage WiFi to boost hotel ratings


Gain a competitive edge with WiFi

Hotel managers are well aware of the competition they face when it comes to earning the loyalty of guests. With Fontech’s WiFi Solution for Hotels, the configuration and customization of WiFi is easier than ever, and hotel managers can leverage WiFi to boost hotel ratings, gather customer feedback, and handle customer issues before they’ve checked out and it’s too late. It allows managers to drive stronger employee engagement by granting employees access.


Key benefits


On-site problem solving in real time


Enhanced communication with guests


Higher guest satisfaction and customer retention


Stronger employee engagement


More positive reviews


Easy, centralized management of multiple hotels


Fontech’s WiFi Solution includes:


WiFi Service Management Platform

A powerful platform that lets you manage, operate, and monetize carrier-class WiFi services from one place

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Hotel Manager

user-friendly console specifically designed for hotel managers to manage the WiFi service they offer

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Enterprise Control

An intuitive tool to easily manage employee network access policies

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Connection Manager

An easy to integrate SDK or app that keeps guests seamlessly connected

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Use cases


Grant users different levels of service that are easy to access and integrated with room billing.

Offer seamless connectivity for guests returning to any hotel of the same chain through the Connection Manager.

Provide secure and controlled access for employees on personal and corporate devices with Enterprise Control.

Take advantage of the benefits WiFi has to offer