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Fon has been a global pioneer in WiFi networks and connectivity. For over a decade, we’ve been working with the world’s leading Telcos, providing solutions for their residential clients and public space environments. Now, more than ever, we are committed to bringing our knowledge and powerful resources to the world of hospitality.

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5G / WiFi Integration

WiFi Cloud Device Management

Advanced Connectivity Solutions

Increase Data Capacity

Wireless data demand continues to explode,
driven by multimedia content, new device types and data hungry applications.

In order to support this demand, spectrum is critical for capacity and data speeds. Wi-Fi complements cellular in meeting this demand, and the latest advances in Wi-Fi 6 and massive addition of spectrum make Wi-Fi even more attractive and is expected to continue this growth pattern.


Improve Business Efficiency

Every business keeps a constant struggle to reduce operational costs. Cloud Mobile Device Management technology might be the most powerful tool in that department.

Hardware provisioning and customer support can be handled remotely, saving you time and money with on-site technical support visitations. But those are just two of the many benefits you can gain by adopting this solution.


Create New Business Opportunities

Adopt a more efficient and holistic approach to WiFi.

In an increasingly complex and competitive market, venue and business owners across all verticals should leverage WiFi networks in order to improve engagement with clients and take advantage of new opportunities that delivering connectivity has to offer.


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Leading Connectivity Solutions

Fon is a leader in Device Connectivity software solutions. Our portfolio and expert team empowers our clients to deliver carrier-grade WiFi services in a secure, scalable, and uniquely flexible way, enabling an exceptional WiFi experience for their customers. Our Mobile Device Management solutions ensure, not only efficiency but a better experience for companies and clients.

Trusted Connectivity software provider

We provide the software and services for the managing Wireless networks, the virtualization of routers, as well as the facilitation of connection to wireless networks.

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